Gino's Fund

ALS Awareness and Gino Carosella

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We are joining Gino Carosella and his fight against ALS, a disease that currently doesn't have a cure, nor an effective treatment to slow down or reverse the progression of the disease.  We have also learned that our dear friend and Nassau Tennis Club teaching pro Gino has been diagnosed with ALS.

Gino's love of tennis and the dedication to his craft, his students and friends has been a mainstay at Nassau Tennis Club and to the surrounding community for many years.  He has helped many of us improve our tennis game, and to play with a passion and appreciation of the sport that surpasses merely winning.  He has helped us organize our USTA teams, and even supported us by going to USTA matches to cheer us on.  Beyond all that he does on and off the court, he is our friend.  Even now, he continues to work tirelessly at the club.  And we want to acknowledge his efforts by supporting and encouraging him.

In addition to the events and fundraisers bringing ALS Awareness into the spotlight, we want to support Gino in a more direct way, so every donation to Gino's Fund goes directly to him for his many needs.

Part of every sale of Gino's Choice @ MTPA Bar will also go toward Gino's Fund, so stop by the MTPA Bar and show Gino your support!