Bringing Metastatic Breast Cancer into Focus

Each year, 200,000 Americans are diagnosed with breast cancer, approximately 1 in 8 women (and 1 in 100 men).  Six to ten percent of those diagnoses are metastatic, or stage 4 at initial diagnosis.  Another 30% progress from stages 0 - 3 and later develop to stage 4.  Science has very few answers to the reason why cancer metastasizes and we don't yet have an effective treatment to stop metastatic growth.  A diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer is not considered survivable.  Almost 40,000 men and women die of it each year.


When Tami Eagle Bowling was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015, it was also revealed that the cancer had metastasized to her liver.  Tami’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis has inspired her to live her life in a very meaningful way.  According to Tami “I see silver linings with greater clarity and experience love and human kindness on a deeper level.”  Tami’s optimism is contagious, and her philosophy of enjoying each day and making it meaningful is inspiring.


Tami has since been helping to raise awareness of the importance of self exams, annual mammograms and doing her best to increase funding for research so that cancer can one day soon be a chronic illness, not a deadly one.  She prays every day that the right research will enable her to raise her 2 daughters, ages 8 and 5.

Photo credit: Rachel Toporek, TOPOphoto.

Since her diagnosis, Tami has raised over $75,000 for metastatic breast cancer research.  She was presented with the 2017 Play for P.I.N.K. Humanitarian Award for her steadfast dedication to raising these vital funds and for being an inspiration to so many.

Tami continues to speak to groups of all ages, educating them about metastatic breast cancer and continues to raise funds for research that one day may be able to save her life and the lives of countless others.

Montgomery Tennis Patrons Association would like to give you an opportunity to hear her inspirational story and introduce you to METAvivor, a volunteer led, non-profit organization that funds vital research to help improve the longevity and quality of life for those living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

Tami has made herself available to speak at Nassau Tennis Club on one of these dates:

      Wednesday October 24th at 8:30PM or

      Sunday October 28th at 1:00PM

If you are interested in attending, please fill out this [POLL] and we will invite her to speak on the date with the most interest.

Photo credit: Rachel Toporek, TOPOphoto. 

Survive and Thrive: Breast Cancer Stories

Other ways to help


METAvivor Research and Support Inc. is an Annapolis, MD based, 501(c)(3), volunteer-led, non-profit organization founded by metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients in 2009.  Our main focus is to fund critical research that will lead to advances in treatment options, quality of life and survival for patients diagnosed with MBC.  Since 2009, METAvivor awarded 45 research grants totaling over $4 million.  METAvivor is the only national organization with a peer-reviewed grant program aimed at exclusively funding MBC research, and 100% of all donations go to fund research.  METAvivor also raises awareness of MBC, provides support for people living with this disease, and offers opportunities for others to help make a difference for the metastatic community.


 As a member supported non-profit organization, Montgomery Tennis Patrons Association's funding comes primarily from membership dues, sponsorships, and participation in our events - in turn allowing us to support our fundraisers and programs.

MTPA is also making it possible for you to contribute to this cause through these avenues in the month of October, and the proceeds will go toward METAvivor:
- Participate in the Wednesday Night Mixed Doubles
- Purchase a glass or bottle of LeGrand Noir Rosé at the MTPA Bar
- Or you can donate to the MTPA's Breast Cancer Research Fund using this link.