ALS Awareness at 2018 Sectional Championships

Raising awareness at the 2018 Middle States Sectional Championships


 Gino Carosella is a fantastic pro at Nassau and a huge advocate for USTA League Tennis.  We have recently learned he has been diagnosed with ALS.  As a show of our support for Gino and raise awareness for ALS, the 7.0 and 8.0 teams participating at the 40 and over Middle States Mixed Doubles Sectional Championships from June 8 - 10, 2018 have done the following: 

  • Players and team mates will be wearing red ribbons throughout the tournament.
  • Each team will contribute $5.00 for every set that they win during the tournament.
  • Each team will double down the contribution to $10.00 per set for every bagel or breadstick.


We've donated $1,528.00 so far!


The teams had a very successful weekend of tennis, and was also able to promote awareness about this campaign to other USTA players and friends during the tournament.  The 7.0 team won the  Sectional Championships and will be continuing this campaign as they head to the USTA National Championships in November 2018.

Sets won: 54 x $5.00 = $270.00

Bagel Club: 10 x $5.00 = $50.00
Risa Kaban  & Jared Kaban (5)
Gina Pento & Chris Pento (3)
Lynnie Pizzulli & Ben Lai (2) - we're counting defaults!

Breadstick Club: 13 x $5.00 = $65.00
Risa Kaban & Jared Kaban (4)
Linh Fruge & Chanaka Amarasinghe (3)
Danielle Nappi & Ron Mendoza (2)

Kelly Miller & Stephen Khoo (1) 
Rupal Kothari & Dan Khoo (1)
Stacey Anderson & Dan Khoo (1)
Stacey Anderson & Dan McGrath (1)

Onsite contributions: $150.00

If you are interested in making an additional donation as part of this campaign, please use this link

7.0 Team: Double Trouble II


Next stop - USTA National Championships

Middle States Sectional Champions

New Jersey District Champions 

8.0 Team: Mixed Up


Middle States Sectional Finalists

New Jersey District Champions